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Vehicles Ford Should Bring Back: Part 2 – Cars

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Vehicles Ford Should Bring Back: Part 2 – Cars

This week we follow up on Vehicles Ford Should Bring Back with Part 2 – Cars. Once again we picked 3 iconic, historic vehicles we think Ford should bring back to restore some old school brand recognition.

Ford Thunderbird

ford thunderbird bring back dead american dream tbird vehicles ford should bring back

Of course the T-Bird! When the Thunderbird rolled out in 1955 it was such a sensation that many thought they would see this car driving around America’s roads forever. The T-Bird was the spitting image of post-World War 2 America, confident, powerful, and unique. The first productions of the Thunderbird, know as “Little Birds”, were sharp, low-slung two-seaters that became the definition of freedom and wanderlust. The next generation “Square Birds” were one of the most beautifully crafted cars the globe has ever seen. Celebrities, sports figures, Las Vegas show girls, and wealthy business men looking for excitement and class were buying Thunderbirds up like they were going out of style. The American dream in the 1960’s was portrayed by a 2 bedroom ranch house, a landscaped yard, and a Thunderbird in the driveway. Ford had done it. They produced their most iconic car to date attracting an audience from all walks of American life. So what happened?

Since everyone wanted a T-Bird, there was an increased demand that Ford add a second row. Ford, being a business, wanted to maximize their sales, so they listened to the market demands. Over the years second row seating became standard in the Thunderbird, and the car got bigger and bigger to accommodate American families as they grew. Eventually the Thunderbird lost its iconic look completely, and became Thunderbird enthusiasts worst nightmare, a sedan that looked like every other one on the road. Ford brought back the Thunderbird in 2002 but halted production again in 2005. You would think ending production of America’s most iconic car would attract attention, going out with a bang throughout the nation, hosting events and giveaways to celebrate the history and importance of this vehicle. This was not the case. The Thunderbird left the Ford line up without even a peep and slid away into the darkness, or so we thought.

Ford has stated that the Thunderbird is not gone forever, they merely moved it into their future product vault. Well, the future is now. With all the advances in vehicle technology, the Thunderbird should be brought back with outstanding features and the old school look to further its history. This vehicle will be a conversation starter in itself when you pull into your parking spot and see someone giving your car that admiring look. Iconic design and rich history combined with new performance is why Ford should bring this car back from the dead!

Ford GT

ford gt rbing back dead supercar le mans gt40 vehicles ford should bring back

The Ford GT is another Ford model with heritage and an iconic brand name. Produced from 2004 – 2006, the GT was Ford’s Supercar signaling that Ford is among the world’s elite automotive makers. Based visually on the historic GT40, The Ford GT sparked interest for car enthusiasts by delivering no-excuses performance and surprising daily-driver competence. Since 2006 when Ford ceased production on the GT, Ford has continued making world class vehicles but lacks a flagship car to showcase Ford’s intuition and excellence. We think it’s time for Ford to reinstate their dominance by bringing this vehicle back.

Ford will approach this vehicle looking to make a car that’s priced right for it’s market with high sales goals depending on the length they plan to produce it. With that in mind Ford already has the tools to do this. With plenty of engine options including the new Ecoboosts, Ford can still make a powerful Supercar with times enthusiasts are shooting for. Concerning design, the Ford GT was stylistically based on the GT40 but without any similarity in structure. The GT was bigger, wider, and 3 inches taller than the GT but still held the renowned race look.

Keeping this style in mind, 2016 would be the perfect year for Ford to bring their Supercar back. 2016 will mark the 50th anniversary of when the GT40 captured 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the 24 hour Le Mans Race, becoming the first American car to win. Once again, rich history and Ford excellence will make this car a sure hit. Ford, bring this car back from the dead!

Ford Pinto

Ford bring back pinto vehicles cars trucks vehicles ford should bring back

Last and certainly not least, the Ford Pinto! When Ford released this model in 1971 it exploded into the market. Ford set the industry on fire, selling over 3-million Pintos in ten years. The Pinto came under criticism over the years for its fuel tank defect and other safety concerns about the car. The Pinto’s structural design allowed its fuel tank filler neck to break off and the fuel tank to be punctured in a rear-end collision, resulting in deadly fires from spilled fuel. Forbes, Time Magazine, and Business Week all have added the Ford Pinto to their list of one of the worst cars of all time. On second thought Ford, keep this car in the ground!

Which Ford trucks would you like to see revived? We would love to hear your opinion on this topic! Let us know what features you would like to see in these models as well. For more content by us, check out

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