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Upfitting the 2015 Ford Transit

2015 Ford Transit Upfiting

The New 2015 Ford Transit has been a huge hit! It’s successfully taken the place of the beloved E-Series van in Ford’s lineup, as well as in our hearts. Upfitting these vans to spec was a huge part of the E-Series success, and the new Transit can be customized to suit any business needs, more so than the outgoing van. The options on Ford’s upfitting website for the Transit can be a bit overwhelming at first. While we recommend contacting a sale associate to tailor a van to your unique needs, this article will show some of the cool stuff you can outfit to your new Transit van!

So lets start building this van! Now most Transits that will be used for specific industries will have a unique shelving system in the back. We use a few companies with different shelving options to fit these features into your van. These include adjustable racks, with a large floor space underneath that can accommodate plywood sheets, drywall, and other objects. The shelves can move to allow for the desired height space to fit tools and other accessories, such as cabinets, workbenches, drawers, and even a combination of all of them! That way all of your tools and supplies are organized and easy to access. They are also locked into place, and can be latched shut to make sure everything stays there, even while driving over the pothole filled streets we’ve become accustom too. These bins can be measured to fit all of the different Transit van heights, including the low, medium, and high roof models too, ensuring that these vans are built to spec.

2015 Transit Upfitting

It’s like a blank canvas, or more accurately an empty van…

Want a little more separation from the cockpit of the van and the back? Not a problem! The new van can be fitted with a series of partitions. These three panel systems can take the form of perforated or solid panels, and feature predrilled holes. That allows for the ability to add accessories and spaces for wiring too. Add a first aid box, hook bar, file holder, and more! And these panels have an easy access door in the middle, which can lock or latch shut. They don’t rattle either, thanks to the help of a special bulb seal and seam latch.

2015 transit

You’ve got the tools, now its time to get the job done.

Even though shelving is a priority for most vans, some will need to carry more delicate objects. Glass racks can be added in place too, as well as shelving to safely carry refrigerant tanks. And no van would be complete without a ladder rack. The new systems come in the form of racks that are adjustable for height, as well as easy access to take on and off. They quickly can be tilted on an angle, and be carried off the brackets in no time! But in this world of “instant” and “NOW” we might not have time to reach up to get ladders, even if they can tilt toward us. A new innovation known as the Loadsrite from one of our upfit brands is an add-on that slides the ladder off the roof easier, and brings it down toward the side of the van. An easier, and quicker method of getting a heavy ladder, now that’s what I call genius!

2015 Transit Ladder

Another upfitting option worth looking into for maximum storage is the new Aerocell Transit. This new cutaway style Transit provides the utility of the old E-Series cutaways into a completely new one-piece fiberglass shell van! And its more aerodynamic to allow for better fuel economy without sacrificing versatility. Pine floor, step up bumper, LED lighting, and a premium quality roll up door are just some of the convenient features of this style too! Body lengths can range anywhere from 12’-17’, and 79” or 85” in height for maximum cargo.

Like previously stated, these options are a bit overwhelming at times. And while all of this equipment sounds awesome, and is sure to help your business with its long lasting build quality and convenience, we recommend contacting a member of our commercial truck team to find out what options are best for you. Whether its optioning out your van to tailor fit your business, or ordering a custom built package that fits your industry (plumbing, electrician, locksmith, etc), our team has you covered. In the mean time, check out this configurator and get an idea of what you want in your next van!


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