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Top 10 Driving Apps for your Smartphone

Top 10 Best Apps for Driving

Top 10 Best Driving Apps for Your Car

We already know that Smartphone integration with the current generation of vehicles is at an all time high, so naturally we want to show you how to take it to the next level.  Is there an app for that?  Yes, actually, there’s dozens.  From navigation apps to gas savers, there are plenty options to help you save time and money while driving.

Top 10 Best Apps driving car


Google Maps – If you have an Android or Iphone, this is a must have app.  It is arguably one of the best navigation apps available and it’s free.  Google provides you with voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation for your vehicle, or you can try the public transit, biking, or walking features.  Explore with 360-degree Street View, and see inside popular buildings such as restaurants and museums.  You can also sign in with your Google account to leave and read reviews to decide where to spend your lovely traffic free evening.

Waze – How good is Waze?  Good enough for Google to pay over a billion dollars for it.  What makes Waze unique is its large traffic and navigation community base.  Users consistently send updates directly to your device about local traffic and road conditions.  Waze can even alert you about upcoming police stops or accidents blocking traffic.  One of the coolest features of Waze is the ability to coordinate arrival times through Facebook with friends traveling to the same destination. Check out their real-time map on their website:

Gas Savers

GasBuddy – Known as the best gas saver app available – GasBuddy relies on community, station, and credit card company reporting to help you find the lowest gas prices near you.  Known for its accuracy, GasBuddy is updated daily with date and time stamps for each station.  Other cool features include a nationwide heat map of gas prices, trip calculators, archived gas prices from the past, and their personalized reward system.  Contributors are awarded with points for their participation which can be used to enter contests to win prizes such as pre paid gas cards.

GasGuru – A close second to GasBuddy, GasGuru will help you find the cheapest gas prices closest to you and also list popular places such as restaurants, coffee, auto repair and more near your gas station.  You can label and save your favorite locations for easy access and updated prices.  Filter your search by fuel grade and choose whether to view it in a map or list view.

top 10 best driving car apps


Car Minder – Car Minder is an all in one maintenance tracker for your family of vehicles.  Just plug in the recommended service schedule for your vehicles and get peace of mind from trying to remember when your last oil change was.  Easily log your services and repairs and also keep track of gas mileage with this all-in-one app.  Have more than one vehicle in the driveway?  Car Minder allows you to stay on top of multi cars at once, making you feel like the ultimate fleet coordinator.

Repair Pal – Tired of trying to figure out what the actual price of repairs are for your vehicle?  Just plug in your vehicle and the repair needed and Repair Pal will let you know what you should be paying compared to local data.  Run by, the app will alert you to some trustworthy repair shops close to you.

Driving Assist

Augmented Driving – If your car is missing all the latest gadgets such as Front Collision Warning or Lane Departure Warnings, Augmented Driving is a great app that can provide these features and more.  You might be a little skeptical at first, but with the advancement in Smartphone processing and improved cameras, this app can do wonders.  Augmented Driving uses your phone’s camera for “augmented reality and real-time object detection.”  Features include: Personal Safety Scores, Vehicle Detection and Safety Distance Monitoring, Lane Detection & Departure Warning, Stop-and-Go Assist, and Speed Avoidance warnings.

Witness Driving – Remember that meteor that was spotted in Russia?  Almost every video from that event was from a dash cam.  Don’t spend a couple hundred dollars on a new camera just for your car; grab this app and stash all your driving antics on your phone.  Not only does it provide some excitement to driving, a dash cam can also protect from insurance fraud or undeserved tickets.  Witness Driving will also log date, time, speed, accelerate and location for you story telling leisure.  Dash mounts for your phone can be purchased for as little as $10 in most online stores.

Car Buying

Edmunds – Not only is a great tool for your desktop, it’s a great mobile app to have as well.  With a sleek look and quick performance as soon as you open the app, Edmunds can help you find the vehicle you’re looking for and a dealer close to you.  One of the cooler functions of this app is the available calculators.  With their Affordability Calculator you can plug in your desired monthly payment and cash down and Edmunds will provide you with an MSRP range to fit you budget.  Also available are the Loan Payment and Lease Payment calculators with detailed optional fields to make sure you don’t miss a thing. – Another great car finding app back by a successful website. delivers as promised and can find you the exact car with the equipment you want.  Search locally for the dealership closest to you or check out reviews for your preferred atmosphere.  Rotate your phone to compare new & used cars side by side and save your favorite cars for future car buying reference.  Instantly check car availability through a dealership and redeem local offers through

Notable Mentions

Real Racing 3 – It will take up a lot of space on your phone, but Real Racing 3 is a visually outstanding and fun racing game for your phone.

Hill Climb Racing – A 2D platform adventure game where the goal is to get through the well designed levels without flipping your car over or running out of gas.

Tom’s Ford App – With the Tom’s Ford App you can call Roadside Assistance, Schedule service, find local gas prices, use the Parking Assist to help find your car, and even use the flashlight feature when the lights go out! It is truly an all in one app for car owners.

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