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Ford’s Driver Assists: The Best Backseat Drivers!

Ford Driver Assists

As the population and economy grow, we see more and more cars filling up our existing roadways.  As a result, traffic becomes more abundant and incredibly more stressful.  Have you ever had a backseat driver make driving through these obstacles close to unbearable?  We all have, and we all know how annoying it can be!  The good news is Ford has recently created some pretty amazing technologies that act like backseat drivers for safety, and they’re much quieter too.  Think about it this way, this technology is paving the way for saver roadways, safer cars, and better driving all around.  Here’s a few game changing driver assists available on Ford’s 2015 lineup. Read More

Car Insurance Mythbusting: Race Red Realities

Car Insurance Myths


You’ve finally fulfilled your lifelong dream of getting a brand new red sports car. Congratulations! Your driveway is now your showroom where you are showered with compliments from the neighbors. “Nice car!” and “Is it fast?” are two things you’ll hear a lot. But you might hear a few people say “a red car, that’ll cost more to insure.” or “a bright car will get you more tickets.” Are these people right? We’ve done a little research to find out and we think they might just be jealous.

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Top 10 Overlooked Vehicle Maintenance Issues

Overlooked Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle life and safety.  These are the top two reasons you should always keep an eye on maintaining your vehicle up to the highest standards.  The following maintenance points are the top 10 overlooked vehicle maintenance issues we found that in the long run will extend your vehicle life, prevent disastrous issues before they happen, and keep your vehicles safety up to par.  Nobody wants to end up on the side of the road with a smoking engine!

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Ford Inflatable Seat Belts

Ford inflatable seat belts

Ford has introduced an array of safety technology in the past few years including hands free SYNC, blind spot monitoring (B.L.I.S.), Rear View Camera, Collision Warning, and Lane-Keeping technology.  One feature on the forefront of this charge is Ford’s Rear Inflatable Seat Belts, currently being offered in the Fusion, Explorer, and Flex.

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Routine Maintenance: Why and When?

toms ford routine maintenance service oil change go further

The term “routine maintenance” might make you cringe over the thought of spending more money on your vehicle, but we’re here to show you how routine maintenance will help you go further. Many people strive to keep their car in shape when they first purchase it, but in most cases,  the importance of it loses validity after a couple of months. With proper care, your vehicles life span can increase by thousands of miles. Spending a couple bucks every few months will pay off  in the long run when it’s the difference between changing fluids or replacing your whole transmission. In this article, we want to highlight the pros of routine maintenance and provide a simple, easy-to-follow guideline of when to perform these maintenance items.

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