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2015 Ford Edge Debut

2015 Ford Edge


Ford has yet to disappoint with any of their new 2015 model announcements this year and the 2015 Ford Edge keeps that trend going.  Unlike the last Edge refresh, the 2015 model has been completely redesigned with an all new more aggressive body style (think SUV version of a fastback), and a new emphasis on the latest technology Ford has to offer.  In Forbes write up of the new besting selling CUV in its class they write “Cars like the 2015 Ford Edge will make it harder for some to justify shelling out big bucks on luxury vehicles.”  They couldn’t be closer to the mark.

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Top 10 Driving Apps for your Smartphone

Top 10 Best Apps for Driving

Top 10 Best Driving Apps for Your Car

We already know that Smartphone integration with the current generation of vehicles is at an all time high, so naturally we want to show you how to take it to the next level.  Is there an app for that?  Yes, actually, there’s dozens.  From navigation apps to gas savers, there are plenty options to help you save time and money while driving.

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Self-Driving Cars: The Future of Automobiles

Self Driving Driver Less Car

When it comes to automotive technology, the future is now.  Self-Driving cars are no longer just a concept, many companies are implementing many self-driving features into their vehicles today.  When a complete and fully functional self-driving car hits the market, it will not so much be released with a bang, but rather introduced as the next installment of features we are already seeing today.  There are a handful of vehicles right now available with technology such as adaptive cruise control that will adjust to surrounding traffic speed, collision prevention systems that can bring a vehicle to a stop to avoid an accident, and active lane keeping that will actually steer the car without the help or a driver on straight lines and highway curves, to name a few.

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