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Top 10 Overlooked Vehicle Maintenance Issues

Overlooked Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle life and safety.  These are the top two reasons you should always keep an eye on maintaining your vehicle up to the highest standards.  The following maintenance points are the top 10 overlooked vehicle maintenance issues we found that in the long run will extend your vehicle life, prevent disastrous issues before they happen, and keep your vehicles safety up to par.  Nobody wants to end up on the side of the road with a smoking engine!

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How to Improve Fuel Economy

improve fuel economy

One of the biggest questions in the automotive world, how do I improve fuel economy?  Fuel isn’t getting any cheaper, and statistics show humans aren’t traveling less either.  The good news is manufacturers are improving on their engines and aerodynamics, but they still can’t seem to keep up.  We all want to improve gas mileage, but before you switch to an electric/hybrid vehicle, try using some tips in this guide on your current vehicle.

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