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How To: Program HomeLink | Ford’s Universal Garage Door Opener

It’s a beautiful, crisp Saturday morning…you pull up to your Ford dealership in excitement as you see your new vehicle all clean ready to be taken home.  You greet your salesman, get your paperwork done, and learn about all the new features in your vehicle.  As you sit in the driver seat you look up and see HomeLink, Ford’s universal garage door opener.  The salesman explains that this will work with most garage doors and there’s no need to clip a bulky remote on to your visor anymore.  What news!  You grab your old one, clip it into your new vehicle and say “I’m going to program it as soon as I’m home!”  The drive home is beautiful, the birds are chirping, the road is smooth, life is good.  You pull in your driveway and put the car in park.  You think I’m not putting this beautiful baby into the garage today, my driveway just became the neighbor showroom.  Bask in the presence of my new vehicle!  Before you know it, it is a month later and you still haven’t programmed your HomeLink!  Well that changes today!  Follow these easy steps to program HomeLink below and you’ll be opening garage doors like a magician.

How to Program HomeLink

Step 1

For first time programming, press and hold the two outside buttons for 20 seconds until the indicator light begins to flash rapidly.  This is a master reset to the device, so do not do this when programming a second device.

Step 2

Position your current garage door opener 1-3 inches away from the button you wish to program (you can pick any of the three).

Step 3

Press and hold the HomeLink button, and garage door opener button simultaneously until the light changes from flashing slow to flashing rapidly.  This indicates proper programming.

Step 4

Press and hold the just programmed HomeLink button.  If the light stays lit, it was programmed successfully.

Step 5

Locate the programming button on the motor mount of your garage door.  Press this button to initiate the final steps.  (You have 30 seconds to press your HomeLink button before you must do this again)

Step 6

Return to your vehicle and hold the programmed HomeLink button for 2 seconds.  This step might have to be repeated 2-3 times before programming is complete.

Congratulations!  You have successfully programmed HomeLink.  Throw that hefty remote into a box somewhere and forget about it!


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  • Just bought a new 2015 F150 King Ranch with … I guess …. everything, including Homelink. Right away I programmed the leftmost Homelink button to open my garage door while parked right in front of the door. Seemed simple enough and it worked fine from that location. However, I actually park the new truck in a carport adjacent to the garage, but use the garage door opener to go inside the house. The Homelink will not operate the door from that short distance – about 12 feet away. I have to back out of the carport and back up to within a couple of feet of the garage door before the Homelink opener will operate the door. Right now I have to use the old bulky opener attached to my sun-visor. So far, it is the only disappointment I have with the vehicle and I’m hoping there is a solution to the absurdly short range of the Homelink. Such a technically advanced US made vehicle … but it doesn’t even open the garage. Any recommendations?

    • Hey Daniel!

      After doing some research it seems like the short range is universal for most HomeLink systems. Ford might have a reason for this, or it just might be something we will have to recommend improving on. The only suggestion I have is to try and tilt the visor down slightly below the roof line and try it. This might extend your range.

  • What if there is no old transmitter?
    Just the motors on the garage door.
    Use the learn button on garage motor or do I have to have a transmitter?
    Either I’m doing something wrong or have to get a transmitter.


  • I can never get the Homelink to blink rapidly while programming. I have a 2015 Lariat and it is frustrating. I have tried car on, off, accessory, in, out of garage, etc.. Any suggestions?

  • What if I do not have the handheld remote, I have a liftmaster garage door motor with learn button. I can only program from car to motor. Please provide instructions to do this way.

    • Hi Christine! Thanks so much for checking out our article. I’ve done some searching for you and unfortunately as far as I know you will need a remote to get it setup. The only other option is if the wall control on your garage door is wireless but this isn’t very common. Even a cheap universal remote will work. The reasoning is during the 3rd step of programming, the car is trying to receive a code that the remote sends to the wall control. Try this and please let me know if you have any other problems!

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