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How to Pair an iPhone with Ford Sync and MyFord Touch

***UPDATE*** These steps will also work with iOS 7, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c 

Enjoy music and hands-free calling via bluetooth in your Sync equipped Ford vehicles.  Follow these simple steps to Pair an iPhone with Ford Sync and MyFord Touch.

Pairing an iPhone with a Sync and MyFord Equipped Vehicle

1. Start in your vehicle by hitting the “Phone” button.
2. On your Sync screen you will be prompted to “Add Bluetooth Device”, hit “OK” on your dash.
3. “Find Sync” will then pop up, hit “OK” again to obtain a 6-digit PIN.
4. On your phone locate and select your “Settings” App.
5. Locate and select “Bluetooth”.
6. Make sure “Bluetooth” is turned ON, then hit the “Sync” button.
7. Enter the 6-digit PIN into the field provided then hit “Pair”.
8. If this is the primary phone you will be using in your vehicle, when Sync prompts “Set as Primary Phone” hit “OK”, then “OK” again to select YES.
9. You can turn “911 Assist” ON and OFF, and also upload your mobile contacts by using the up and down buttons on your dash to navigate the Mobile Phone Menu.


Pairing an iPhone with a MyFord Touch Equipped Vehicle

1. In your vehicle, locate the “Phone” button, it is usually in the upper left area of the screen.
2. This will prompt a 6-digit PIN.
3. On your phone, locate and select your “Settings” app, then select “Bluetooth”, make sure the bluetooth is set to “ON”.
4. Under “Bluetooth” select “Sync”. Once your phone has been located, MyFord will ask if the PIN of the vehicle is the same on the phone.
5. Select “Yes” on MyFord, and “Pair” on your iPhone.
6. A prompt will pop up stating that “911 Assist” is “OFF”. Select “Yes” to turn this feature on.
7. Your phone will successfully connect to MyFord Touch. You can download your mobile phonebook buy selecting “Yes” on the final prompt.

Enjoy your iPhone – MyFord Sync Experience!

Call Tom’s Ford at (732)264-1600 or schedule a visit for help pairing an iPhone with Ford Sync or MyFord Touch.


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