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Hidden Surprise At Katie’s Cars & Coffee!

As the current semester of Graduate School in the Washington, DC area has come to an end, I finally had a free weekend to make the pilgrimage to Katie’s Cars & Coffee, a weekly event hosted by Katie’s Coffee House in Great Falls, Virginia. Katie’s Cars & Coffee is from 6am-9am every Saturday, rain or shine. It is a wonderful event where car people can geek out on all things vehicular for three hours and sip some great coffee. I’ve been a few times in past, including the day of the infamous “Ferrari Crash” last August. After a while, some vehicles don’t seem that special anymore, and I really look out for some of the oddball cars to arrive. Today happened to be my lucky day…I passed through rows of parked Corvettes, each more stock, or customized than the last. Ferrari? Yep, there in full attendance too, in a sea of red with tan seats, and something like 5 miles on the odometer. Vipers are becoming more popular at these events from what I noticed, but as I was admiring the one of the only non-red Ferrari’s (it was silver… WOAH), an unassuming but sinister looking black sedan rolled up. It was a 1989 Taurus SHO, black with grey sport seats, and a 5-speed manual transmission. I went over to check it out, and snapped some bad iPhone pictures as a crowd gathered.


Yamaha built 3.0L V6 Engine, no plastic cover here.

Upon closer inspection, the vehicle was definitely used, but in a vehicle like this I’m glad to see that! It was a perfect specimen of a driver quality vehicle. It won’t win any votes at Pebble Beach, but it will win the hearts of the driver and fans of what it was. Moment after the SHO parked, a crowd around it grew larger. While I didn’t have the chance to chat with the owner, I heard a few people ask the basics about power, what year it was, mileage, and the overall importance of the vehicle. A while back, we did a Throwback post on the original Taurus, but the SHO was unique as it was a performance vehicle in an era of otherwise subdued cars. The original SHO used a Yamaha V6 that redlined at 7,000 RPM, allowing for a 0-60 time of 6.6 seconds, which is still quick by todays standards! Even in the black paint, the SHO followed a sleeper formula for outstanding performance without a “look at me” attitude, a trait still present in the modern SHO as well as the Fusion Sport.


Manual and Cassette player, whens the last time you saw that combo?

Seeing a late 80’s vehicle among the Cars and Coffee crowd is truly a cool sight. Vehicles of this era are slowly starting to become more sought after, and given the popularity of the modern Ecoboost Mustang, we can see the potential for SHO’s and even Mustang SVO’s to become a collectable alternative to other V8 powered vehicles. And if you get one, you too can have the most unique vehicle at Car’s and Coffee.

1989 Taurus Sho

A future collectable? We think so!


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