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Ford’s Driver Assists: The Best Backseat Drivers!

Ford Driver Assists

As the population and economy grow, we see more and more cars filling up our existing roadways.  As a result, traffic becomes more abundant and incredibly more stressful.  Have you ever had a backseat driver make driving through these obstacles close to unbearable?  We all have, and we all know how annoying it can be!  The good news is Ford has recently created some pretty amazing technologies that act like backseat drivers for safety, and they’re much quieter too.  Think about it this way, this technology is paving the way for saver roadways, safer cars, and better driving all around.  Here’s a few game changing driver assists available on Ford’s 2015 lineup.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Warning

One of the most state-of-the-art features found in the modern Ford lineup is the Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Warning system.  This system acts like a normal cruise control system, but uses sensors to detect the slowing speed of traffic immediately in front of you.  It takes this change, and automatically slows down, based on a preset distance.  When the system senses that traffic speed is picking up, or is clear (vehicle ahead changes lanes), the vehicle returns to the original set speed.

Seems useful, but when it really comes in handy is when you least expect it.  Let’s say the car in front of you starts slowing down at a rapid rate.  Normally you’re reaction would be to slam on the brakes, but sometimes it happens too quickly to react.  That’s when the Forward Collision Warning kicks in!  It will alert you when a potential collision is imminent with a heads-up display that flashes on the windshield.  If you don’t react, the brakes of your vehicle will pre-charge and increase brake-assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when the brakes are pressed.

Lane Keeping System

Ford Driver Assists

Another little helper that comes in handy, especially on long drives, is the available Lane-Keeping System.  This handy feature uses a camera mounted behind the windshield that watches lane markings 0n the road to determine vehicle position.  With this tech, your vehicle computer will detect  and adapt if you start to wander.  Here’s a scenario to show how it works:  You’re doing a long drive and maybe that coffee you had hasn’t kicked in yet.  You’re being a responsible driver but you wander in the lanes a bit trying to keep your head above water.  The system then warns you what’s happening through vibrations in the steering wheel.  These vibrations feel like driving over a rumble strip on the highway, a familiar reminder you’re leaving your lane. The Lane-Keeping aid then applies steering torque, to help alert the driver to direct the vehicle back into the lane in the event the car wanders.

360-Degree Camera

F-150 360 Camera Driver Assists

New Ford vehicles also have the option of a 180-degree front camera, which allows you to see around corners, alleys, and even parking spots with the help of a camera and camera washer tucked secretly into the grille.  But on the new 2015 F-150, this feature has been kicked up a notch with a new 360-degree camera.  This adds four cameras (located in the grille, tailgate, and under the side mirrors), which then take the different angles to make one picture that is displayed on the MyFord Touch screen.  The picture generated on the display is the of the top of the vehicle, and all of the sides of the truck are shown.  This feature makes maneuvering into tight spaces easy and also can help with parking and towing, especially around construction jobs!

BLIS with Cross Traffic Alert

Driver Assists

This helpful system lets you know when there is a vehicle or object in your blind spot with an indicator light in the side mirror.  This allows you to stay focused on the road ahead, while still being aware of vehicles around you.  Cross Traffic alert is an extension of this feature, and keeps you aware of vehicles behind you when backing up.  It detects if a vehicle is approaching from up to 15 yards away, sends an audible warning, as well as flashing an indicator light in the side mirror and display in the message center.  Not only does this system help the driver be more aware of their surroundings, it helps make our driveways safer.

Put all these features together and you have one of the safest combinations of vehicle technology on the road today.  Ford is making leaps and bounds to make the driver experience safer while keeping you more alert and in control than ever.

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