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Now that your phone is paired with your Ford Sync or MyFord Touch (How to Pair an Android Phone, How to Pair and Iphone), we’d like to show you the basics, and some advanced features with the Ford Sync Voice Commands. Ford Sync is much like a universal remote control. Not only does Sync allow you to control almost every aspect of your phone, it also allows you to control your entertainment, climate, information, and navigation. Before we jump into each category, we must learn the very basics of how to active voice commands. Locate the Voice Command button on your steering wheel.

Ford Sync Voice Commands

When you push this button, Sync will prompt you to say a voice command. There are over 10,000 voice commands programmed for hands-free control of your vehicles features. Your first option will be to say a global command. Global Commands are voice commands that let you navigate through you Sync/MyFord Touch menus, change settings, run a vehicle report, and ask for a list of further commands. Once you become comfortable with the standard assistant version of Ford Sync, you can change to advanced mode to navigate and say voice commands quicker. Here is a quick list of available global commands.

Display the home screen “Main menu”
Display the next screen of comands “Next page”
Display the previous screen of commands “Previous page”
Go back one step in the voice dialogue “Back”
End any voice session in progress “Cancel”
See valid commands for the current step in the voice dialogue  “What can I say?”
Hear valid commands for the current step in the voice dialogue “Help”
Display all commands for the requested mode: Audio, Radio, Sirius, USB, SD Card, Bluetooth Audio, Phone, Climate, Services, Travel Link, Navigation, Browse , Voice Settings, or Voice Instructions “<Mode> list of commands”
Have a Vehicle Health Report sent to your SYNC Owner account “Vehicle report”
Change voice interaction level “Interaction mode <novice/advanced>”
Turn on/off confirmation prompts “Confirmation prompts <on/off>”
Turn on/off the listing of “candidates” when SYNC finds several selections matching your request “<Phone/Media> candidate lists <on/off>”Ex.: “Media candidate lists off”
Change touchscreen display settings “Display settings”
Hear a brief tutorial on using voice commands “Voice instructions”


Once you are familiar with using the basic functions of Ford Sync, you can start using your voice to control many aspects of your Bluetooth synced phone. Unlike other features of Ford Sync, Phone Mode is always active. This means you do not have to say “Phone” when saying a command; although if you do say phone, the command will still work. Contact names must be said exactly how you have them entered in your phonebook, and giving the location such as “Mike at work” is optional. There is no voice command to end a phone call, to do so push the end call button on your steering wheel, or simply wait for the other party to hang up. Here is a list of Phone Voice Commands.

Call listing in phonebook “Call <name> <at home/at work/on cell/on other>”Ex.: “Call Mom”Ex.: “Call Mary Smith on cell”
Call number “Dial” | pause | “<phone number>”
Call voicemail “Call voicemail”
Send calls to voicemail/
Pick up calls
“Do not disturb <on/off>”
Turn ringer on/off “Turn ringer <on/off>”
Turn on/off phone’s
Bluetooth® feature*
“Bluetooth <on/off>”
Begin to pair a phone “Pair phone” | pause | follow prompts
Show all phone voice commands “Phone list of commands”
Hear valid phone commands “Phone help”
If a call is active, use the following commands:
Switch audio from car speakers
to phone (privacy)
“Transfer to phone”
Switch audio from phone to car speakers (hands-free) “Transfer to car”
Place call on hold / take call off hold “Hold call <on/off>”
Mute/unmute call “Mute call <on/off>”
Combine two calls to begin a conference call “Join call”

Text Message Ford Sync Voice Commands

Listen to text message
Incoming message:
Ex.: “Listen to message”Stored message:”Messages” | pause | “Listen to message <line #>”Ex.: “Messages”  | pause | “Listen to message 2”
Reply to incoming text message “Reply to message” | pause | follow prompts
Forward active text message Forward active text message:”Forward message” | pause |”<Name/Number>” “<contact/number>”Ex.: “Forward message” | pause | “Name” | pause | “John”Ex.: “Forward message” | pause | “Number” | pause | “800-555-1212”
Call sender of active text message “Call sender”
Hear valid text message commands (while in Message mode) “Help”


If you are already listening to an Entertainment system, Sync assumes your voice commands are for that mode. To switch to a different entertainment system, you must say the name of that system before saying a command. For example, if you are listening to Sirius XM Radio, and you want to switch to your CD, you would say “CD” than your voice command.

General Audio Ford Sync Voice Commands

Turn on/off audio system “Audio <on/off>”
Switch audio output to headphones or back to vehicle “Audio” | pause | <“Headphones/Headphones off>”
Hear general audio commands “Audio Help”

AM/FM Radio Ford Sync Voice Commands

Turn on/off AM/FM radio “Radio <on/off>”
Once you’re in Radio mode,
you can:
Change band “<AM/FM> <1/2>”Ex.: “AM”Ex.: “FM 2”
Change station “<AM/FM> <station number>”Ex.: “FM 107.7”
Tune to a preset station “<AM/FM> <1/2> preset <1-6>”Ex.: “AM preset 1″Ex.: “FM 2 preset 3”
Tune to a High Definition station (FM only, if equipped) “FM <station number> HD <1-7>”Ex.: “FM 107.7 HD 2”
Set six strongest local stations to presets “<AM/FM> autoset”
Tune to an autoset station “<AM/FM> autoset preset <1-6>”Ex.: “AM autoset preset 2”
Scan to next radio program of a selected type, like “country music” (if equipped) “Set program type” | pause | follow prompts
Hear radio voice commands “Radio Help”
See radio voice commands “Radio list of commands”

Sirius Radio Ford Sync Voice Commands

Turn on/off SiriusXM Satellite Radio> “Sirius <on/off>”
Once you’re in Sirius mode,
you can:
Change band “SAT <1/2/3>”Ex.: “SAT 1”
Change channel by number “Channel <0-223>”Ex.: “Channel 36”
Change channel by name “<Channel Name>”
Tune to a preset channel “SAT <1/2/3> preset <1-6>”Ex.: “SAT 2 preset 2”
Tune to a sports game
“Sports game” | pause | “Tune to the <City/Team/College> game “
Ex.: “Sports game” | pause | “Tune to the Green Bay game”
Display all available channels “Browse Sirius”
Display channels by category “Browse <category> channels”Ex.: “Browse sports channels”
Display sports games
“Browse <sport/league> games”
Ex.: “Browse college football games”
Hear Sirius voice commands “Sirius Help”
See Sirius voice commands “Sirius list of commands”

CD Ford Sync Voice Commands

Play CD “CD”
Once you’re in CD mode,
you can:
Pause or resume play “<Pause/Play>”
Play selected track “Track <number>”Ex.: “Track 10”
Play next/previous track
“<Next/Previous> track”
Shuffle tracks on an audio CD or in a folder  “Shuffle <CD/folder>”
Turn off shuffle “Shuffle off”
Repeat single track or folder “Repeat <track/folder>”
Turn off repeat “Repeat off”
See tracks on CD “Browse CD”
Hear CD voice commands “CD  Help”
See CD voice commands “CD list of commands”

USB/SD Card Ford Sync Voice Commands

Play music on your connected media player, USB drive, or SD card “<USB/SD card>”
Once you’re in USB or SD card mode, you can:
Play track “Play track <Name>”Ex.: “Play track Symphony Number 9”
Play artist “Play artist <Name>”
Play genre “Play genre <name>”Ex.: “Play genre jazz”
Play album “Play album <Name>”
Play playlist “Play playlist <Name>”Ex.: “Play playlist Road Music”
Play folder “Play folder <Name>”Ex.: “Play folder New Stuff”
Play podcast “Play podcast <Name>”
Play podcast episode “Play episode <Name>”
Play audiobook by name “Play audiobook <Name>”
Play audiobook by author “Play author <Name>”
Display all tracks “Browse all tracks”
Display tracks by genre, playlist, album, artist,  composer, or folder
“Browse <genre> <composer>”
Ex.: “Browse classical Beethoven”
Display available genres, playlists, albums, artists,  composers, or folders
“Browse all <category>”
Ex.: “Browse all genres”
Ex.: “Browse all artists”
Display all audiobooks “Browse all audiobooks”
Display chapters in audiobook “Browse audiobook <Name>”Ex.: “Browse audiobook Great Expectations”
Display all podcasts “Browse all podcasts”
Display episodes in podcast “Browse <podcast episode>”
Pause or resume play “<Pause/Play>”
Play previous/next track “<Previous/Next>”
Repeat last track “<Repeat one>”
Repeat all tracks on the connected device “Repeat all”
Shuffle tracks on album “Shuffle album”
Shuffle all tracks “Shuffle”
Turn off shuffle “Shuffle off”
Play other tracks in the same genre/category “Play similar music”
Hear USB/SD card voice commands “<USB/SD card> Help”Ex.: “USB Help”
See USB/SD card voice commands “<USB/SD card> list of commands”Ex.: “SD card list of commands”
If your media player is an iPod, you can also use these commands:
Play video podcast “Play video podcast <Name>”Ex.: “Play video podcast”
Play video playlist “Play video playlist <Name>”Ex.: “Play video playlist Party Mix”
Play music video “Play music video <Name>”
Play TV show “Play TV show <Name>”
Play video podcast or TV show episode “Play episode <Name>”
Play movie “Play movie <Name>”
Display all video podcasts, video playlists, videos, music videos, TV shows, or movies “Browse all <category>”Ex.: “Browse all music videos”Ex.: “Browse all TV shows”
 Display tracks in video playlist “Browse video playlist <Name>”Ex.: “Browse video playlist Party Mix”
Display video podcast or TV show episodes “Browse <video podcast/TV show> <Name>”

Bluetooth Audio Ford Sync Voice Commands

Play music on your paired Bluetooth phone “Bluetooth Audio on”
Once you’re in Bluetooth Audio mode, you can:
Play next/previous track, title, podcast, chapter, or episode listed on device “<Previous/Next>”
Pause or resume play “<Pause/Play>”
Hear Bluetooth Audio voice commands “Bluetooth Audio Help”
See Bluetooth Audio voice commands “Bluetooth Audio list of commands”


In order to initiate a climate command, you must always say “Climate” to activate that mode first. The command “Climate Automatic” Adjust fans speed based on desired temperature relative to outside temperature. The personalized commands “My Temperature” and “Dual Temperature Zones” are based on manual settings that you can set through you climate control settings.

Resume last climate settings/turn off climate control “Climate <on/off>”
Set temperature automatically “Climate automatic”
Use “My Temperature” setting “Climate My Temperature”
Set a specific temperature Fahrenheit: “Climate temperature <60-85> degrees”Celsius: “Climate temperature <15.5-29.5> degrees”Ex.: “Climate temperature 68 degrees”
Increase/decrease temperature by one degree “Climate” | pause | “<Warmer/Cooler>”
Use maximum temperature of 86 degrees “Climate” | pause | “Temperature high”
Use minimum temperature of 59 degrees “Climate” | pause | “Temperature low”
Turn off passenger-side climate setting “Climate”  | pause | “Dual off”
Turn on/off air conditioning “Climate” | pause | “AC <on/off>”
Turn on/off maximum air conditioning  (59 degrees) “Climate” | pause | “Max AC <on/off>”
Turn up/down fan speed “Climate”  | pause | “<Increase/Decrease> fan speed”
Use minimum fan speed “Climate” | pause | “Min fan”
Use maximum fan speed “Climate” | pause | “Max fan”
Turn on/off windshield defroster “Climate” | pause | “Defrost <on/off>”
Turn on/off maximum windshield defroster “Climate” | pause | “Max defrost <on/off>”
Turn on/off rear window defroster “Climate” | pause | “Rear defrost <on/off>”
Turn on/off cabin air recirculation “Climate” | pause | “Recirculate <on/off>”
Use panel (dashboard) vents only “Climate” | pause | “Panel”
Use windshield vents only “Climate” | pause | “Windshield”
Use floor vents only “Climate” | pause | “Floor”
Use windshield and panel vents “Climate” | pause | “Windshield, panel”
Use windshield and floor vents “Climate” | pause | “Floor, windshield”
Use panel and floor vents “Climate” | pause | “Floor, panel”
Use all vents “Climate” | pause | “Floor, windshield, panel”


Destinations such as “Home,” “Work,” and “Favorites,” must first be set up in your vehicle’s Navigation systems. If Sync has trouble understanding the command “Home,” try saying “My Home.” Using the 8-inch touchscreen usually ends a voice session, but a dual control feature allows you to use the touch screen during a voice session. On the touchscreen, the options outlined in blue can be spoken; options not outlined in blue should be touched. Always press “Set As Destination” on the screen after you have downloaded directions.

Get directions to an address “Destination address” | pause | “<address>”Ex.: “Destination address” | pause | “123 Main St., Anytown, New York”
Get directions to an intersection “Destination intersection” | pause | follow prompts
Get directions to a POI when you know the name “Destination POI” | pause | follow prompts | pause | “Name” |pause | “<name>”
Get directions to a POI when you don’t know the name
“Destination POI”  | pause | follow prompts | pause | “Category” |pause | “<category>”Ex.: “Destination POI”  | pause | “Nearby”  | pause | “Category”  |pause | “Fuel station”
Get directions to  a POI when you know the category “Destination <POI category>” | pause | follow promptsEx.: “Destination fuel station”  | pause | follow prompts
Get directions to nearest POI when you know the category “Destination nearest <POI category>” | pause | follow promptsEx.: “Destination nearest fuel station”  | pause | follow prompts
Get directions to restaurants “I’m hungry”  | pause | follow prompts
Get directions from current location to home/work “Destination <Home|Work>”
Get directions to one of your preset Favorites “Destination Favorites”  | pause | follow prompts
Get directions to one of your named destinations “Destination <nametag>”Ex.: “Destination Jill’s house.”
Hear the available named destinations “Destination play nametags”
Get directions to a previously set destination “Destination previous destination”  | pause | follow prompts
Show map on the touchscreen “Show map”
Show a 3D rendering of the map “Show 3D”
Show current vehicle heading at top of map “Show heading up”
Show North at top of map “Show North up”
Zoom in on the map “Zoom in”
Zoom out on the map “Zoom out”
Zoom in as close as possible “Navigation” | pause | “Zoom in minimum”
Zoom out as far as possible “Navigation” | pause | “Zoom out maximum”
Zoom to street level “Navigation” | pause | “Zoom street”
Zoom to city level “Navigation” | pause | “Zoom city”
Zoom to state level “Navigation” | pause | “Zoom state”
Zoom to country level “Navigation” | pause | “Zoom country”
Zoom to specific level of elevation “Navigation” | pause | “Zoom to <distance>”Ex.: “Navigation” | pause | “Zoom to one mile”
Show destination on the map “Show destination”
Hear Navigation commands “Navigation help”
Display Navigation commands “Navigation list of commands”
When a route is active, use the following commands:
Show next waypoint in route on the map “Show next waypoint”
Cancel next waypoint “Cancel next waypoint”
Show entire route on the map “Show route”
Change the route “Detour”
End Navigation “Cancel route”
See the directions listed on the touchscreen next to the map “Show turn list”
Hear the directions read to you turn by turn “Voice guidance on”
Stop audible directions “Voice guidance off”
Adjust voice volume “Navigation voice <softer/louder>”
Hear the upcoming turn instruction again “Repeat instruction”


Sync Services is on-demand information delivered through your phone. You can request turn-by-turn directions to be displayed on your screen. If your vehicle is equipment with an optional Navigation SD card SiriusXM Travel Link is available. You can use both these services to download directions for your Navigation system.

Sync Service Commands

Call SYNC Services “Services” | pause | follow prompts 
If you’ve downloaded directions from SYNC Services, you can:
Get a new route “Update route”
Display turns in route “Show turn list”
Hear upcoming turn again  “Repeat instruction”
Get an estimated time of arrival “ETA”
Stop the directions “Cancel route”

Travel Link Commands

Start SiriusXM Travel Link “Travel Link”
Once you’re in Travel Link mode, you can:
See traffic report “Traffic”
See current weather “Weather”
See current weather map “Weather map”
See weather forecast “Five day forecast”
See movie listings “Movies”
See gas prices “Gas prices”
See sports scores “Sports scores” | pause | “<sport/league>””Sports scores” | pause | “Pro football””Sports scores” | pause | “College football”
See sports schedules
“Sports schedules” | pause | “<sport/league>”
“Sports schedules” | pause | “College basketball”
See sports headlines
“Sports headlines” | pause | “<sport/league>””Sports headlines” | pause | “Golf”
See personalized sports information
“My Team <scores/schedules/headlines>””My Team scores”
Get help for using Travel Link “Travel Link help”

Once you master a handful of these voice commands you will soon be controlling all your daily features hands-free! Ford hopes to keep you safe and focused on the road by making everything easily accessible for your convenience.

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  • No one, including the dealer, was able to tell me how to return to the initial home screen. Thanks for the “Main menu” command. Now we need commands for the seats and heated steering wheel.
    Many Thanks!

  • Thanks so much for the list! I have a question: I live in Iowa but want to find POI (hotel) in Galena, Illinois. When I follow the prompt it ultimatley asks me to name a city in Iowa in which to do my search. How do I get it to look at another state other than my own?

    • Hey Chris,

      Are you trying to find a POI with voice commands or through the touch menu? When using the touch menu, there will be an option under your navigation settings to select which state you would like to search in. You want to change this before you try searching for something outside your current state.

  • I have a 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat. Purchased 2 days ago. Our navigation or display screen has “information” in the top right corner and not “navigation”. We activated sync and still no maps, no way to type any addresses. We have to dial out to sync. Any ideas?

    • Hey Laura,

      Unfortunately it looks like you purchased a vehicle without navigation. A vehicle equipped with a touch screen does not automatically come with navigation. If you add your VIN number to the end of this URL: “” your original window sticker will load and you can double check if you have nav or not. It would be under the optional equipment section on the bottom left of the window sticker.

  • I had to change the battery in my 2014 ford explorer and now I can hardly hear my text message being read or the tone. I have tried to figure out how to turn up the volume for just that, my stereo volume and call volume is fine, and I can hear all prompts clearly. just the texting is giving me a problem. I have removed and added my phone back into the system but still can not hear it well.

  • My car does not recognize my home address. When I say my street name, it repeats something back to me not even close. I’ve tried numerous times. How can I set my home address so this doesn’t happen anymore?

  • I have a 2014 Escape. I have noticed that if the car is Off and then the key is turned to the On position but the car is not started you can then pull on the Voice Command switch. Sync will respond with “Please say a command.” Then say “reboot”. After that Sync turns off. What does this actually do.

    • Hi Greg, what’s happening when the Sync systems turns off is it’s refreshing it’s data to help prevent any bugs that might be happening. Also, I actually made the mistake of going into the system settings and going to my sync options and “resetting.” I thought this was the same thing but it’s not. Reset actually deletes all you user data, and paired devices. Wish i had known the difference sooner. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions I’ll try to help you out the best I can!

  • How do you turn off the “Sent from my Ford” message that it adds to every auto text message sent through the car? I looked Everywhere and can’t seem to find where this is set.

  • When I end a phone call with button on steering wheel the radio changes stations. Am I doing something wrong? It is ok if the other person ends the call.

    • Hey Lori, I think I might have a solution. When you just click the phone button on the steering wheel it acts as a voice command. Try holding the button down to end the call. My thought is that when you’re pressing the button it’s just picking up some noises and guessing a station to switch to. Let me know if this helps!

  • I just bought a new (for me) 2013 Ford Fiesta over the weekend. This is the newest car I’ve ever owned. All other past cars were always about 7-10 years old. I am TOTALLY addicted to SYNC and can’t get enough of it. I am gadgety person already and to be introduced to SYNC is mind blowing. Thank you so much for this awesome “cheat sheet.” I can’t wait to learn SYNC commands and fully understand its capabilities.

    • Annie,
      I’m so glad our article could help you out! SYNC is definitely one of my favorite parts about my Ford. I’m also a really techy person and having SYNC is like a dream come true. One of favorite things is not needing an AUX cord for my music anymore! If you have any questions at all about SYNC feel free to comment on this post and I’ll do my best to help answer your question!

  • How do you navigate to the center of a city? It always asks for a street address. I tried “destination city center” and some other variations of that, but to no avail.

    • Unfortunately you aren’t able to do broad search like that with the Navigation system. It needs a specific point to give you the directions, because the center of a city could be pretty big depending where you’re at.

    • Hey Terry!
      I’m pretty sure I can help you out on this one. Depending on what year your car is the steps might be a little different.

      For older models you’ll want to follow these steps;
      1) Press the “Menu” button
      2) Go to “System Settings”
      3) Select “Bluetooth Devices”
      4) You can either chose “delete all devices” or “Delete Device”
      -If you choose delete device you choose specifically choose which one you want to take off.
      -If you picked delete all devices you’ll just have to resync your phone.

      For the newer models without a touch screen;
      1) Press the “Phone” button
      2) Using the up/down arrows select “System Settings”
      3) Go to “Bluetooth Devices”
      4) Again you can either chose “delete all devices” or “Delete Device”
      -If you choose delete device you choose specifically choose which one you want to take off.
      -If you picked delete all devices you’ll just have to resync your phone.

      For newer models with touch screen;
      1) Press the settings button in middle of the bottom of your screen
      2) Press “Phone”
      3) Go into “Bluetooth devices”
      4) Choose the device you wish to delete
      5) Press delete on the right side of the screen
      And you’re all done!
      I hope this was able to help you Terry, and if you have any other questions feel free to contact me!

  • Great information here! I have a question. Is there any way (or future plans) to have the navigation destinations list show friendly names instead of just the addresses?

    • We haven’t heard anything about this yet, but that would be a really cool addition. I’ll check into it more and let you know if there are any plans! One new addition to the 2017 models was actually something called “CarPlay” which works with both apple and android. It’s only available with the Sync MyTouch, but what happens is the car screen will mimic your phone. So if you were using your google maps app, you would have the option of using any your saved places such as, “Jim’s house” if you had something like that in your phone. Like I said, if I hear anything on this, I will give you the update!

  • Have a 2013 Expedition with Sync Touch Nav
    When we first purchased a new the system did a set up procedure to learn your voice, unfortunately we never were able to finish that initial process and I’ve just now realized years later we haven’t. This is probably why the voice recognition doesn’t always understand what I am saying. How do you reestablish and or restart that process as if when the car was new ?

  • We have a 2017 Escape Titanium, our second Escape. When a text message comes in there is an alarm notification, then Sync will read the text. How can I change (lower) the volume of the alarm and/or the text read-back?

  • Great list. So useful. I have a question: How do i get my SYNC to play music from my spotify app on my phone? Thanks in advance

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