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Ford Playlist: Summer Jams

Summer is getting closer, and that means it’s time for some summer jams to listen too while you’re cruising around!  We here at Ford Addict decided to help out a bit and come up with some songs to add to your playlist that are about our favorite automotive brand! Check out our suggestions which we like to call “Ford Playlist: Summer Jams!”

My Old BroncoLuke Bryan

Luke Bryan is king of summer country jams.  Any one of his songs are perfect to rock out too at a beach party!  Did you know he is a Ford guy too?  Just take one listen to his ode to his yellow Bronco and you’ll know.  Lyrics about a “302 V8, roll bar and a radio” are something that any Bronco owner or enthusiast will smile about any day.  Browsing online for your own Bronco yet?  Just make sure to find one that’s “looking good for 42 years young.”

Take It EasyEagles

“It’s a girl my lord, in a flatbed Ford” the song exclaims.  Something any Ford Addict would love to see anywhere, not just in Winslow, Arizona.  While the Ford may only be mentioned in that one line, there is no doubt this song is great to crank up when you’ve had a long day and you’re just trying to take it easy.

Mustang SallyWilson Pickett

This one is a real classic by a great soul man, Mr. Wilson Pickett.  This 1960’s hit is about a classic 1965 Mustang that was bought for “Sally” in the song.  Once she got it, she took off, and the singer is telling her she needs to slow her Mustang down.  Mustangs are meant to be driven, so ride, Sally, ride.

Fun, Fun, FunThe Beach Boys

You can’t have summer without The Beach Boys, and they love Fords.  Everyone knows this catchy pop tune about a girl who got the keys to her daddy’s Thunderbird.  This girl must be a great driver too, if she can make the “Indy 500 look like a roller chariot race.”  But alas, all good things come to an end, and daddy took the keys.  But we’ll keep having fun daydreaming about that classic T-bird.

My Mustang FordChuck Berry

One of the all time greats in Rock n Roll sung about a “1966 cherry red Mustang Ford.”  At first listen you know this is a get out and drive route 66 kind of song, and that Mustang sounds like the perfect car to do it in.  With its “385 horsepower overload” it might be a bit hard obeying speed limits.  Berry warns us about that power on interstate roads.  We’ve driven the new 5.0 GT, and we totally understand what acceleration feels like, only from a Mustang.

Rollin’ in My 5.0 Vanilla Ice

Even Vanilla Ice loved Fords!  In this 90’s… thing, Ice reminisces about the times with the Mustang 5.0 he used to have.  With 90’s everything, including a remix of Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle” for a beat, this brings us back to the time you could get a triple white Mustang GT convertible.  Even the song reminds us of how the Mustang has always been a performance car.  Fox body Mustangs have definitely gotten better as time goes on, but we’re not sure if we can say the same about this song.  But you know what never gets old?  Rollin’ in any 5.0 Mustang.


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