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Summer is back, and every beautiful sunny day makes your car’s interior hotter than the sun itself. Those few moments when you first get into your car are like a horrible heat wave that you have to deal with until you’re A/C cuts in. Luckily Ford has some hidden tricks to help with this. This feature is called Ford Global Open!

When you walk up to your new 2015 Ford vehicle, press the unlock button on your key fob. The car unlocks, but if you hold that button down for at least two seconds all the windows will open fully and the sunroof (if equipped with one) will open in the vent position right before your eyes! Goodbye hot interior, hello fresh air!

Accidentally leave them open for too long and need to close them? No problem! Just hold down the lock button and magically everything closes again, and locks too. The best part about this is it can be used in the same proximity it takes to unlock/lock the vehicle. So as your walking back to your car you can open the windows and have it cooled down before you get in. Its thoughtful little features like this that help to make the new Ford lineup so practical for everyday use!



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  • Great feature if it only worked on my 2015 transit wagon.
    The windows will OPEN as you describe, but will not close. The dealer tells me there is no way to solve this. I think the BCM just needs a tweak in option 184.

    • Bob, unfortunately the dealer is right about that one. We aren’t quite sure why the close feature isn’t working on certain models. If you have any other concerns I’d be glad to help you out!

  • I have tried different combinations on my 2015 ford F150, but i can’t get the windows to go down, am I missing something?

    • I have a 2015 F150 XLT with a switchblade style key fob with remote starter and I cannot get the global open/close to work using any of the hints I’ve found on the web… any suggestions?


      • Steve, unfortunately the F-150 does not have this feature in it. I just went out on our lot to try it with 2 different Trim levels and it wasn’t working for me. Sorry for the inconvenience 🙁 I’ll see if I can compile a list of the cars that are compatible, this way we can all avoid further confusion or frustrations!

  • Is the global window open option available on the 2016 Ford Edge Titanium?? Doesn’t seem to work with mine.

    • Rhonda, you should be able to use this feature in your Edge. Sometimes I find that if I press the unlock button two times, and on the second click I hold it down, it works for me. Not totally sure why but that’s always worked for the cars I’ve tested. If it doesn’t work, reply back and I’ll shoot you over and email to try to assist you more.

  • Mike, thanks for the tip–I just tried it and holding down on second click opened the front windows only. Video says all windows plus the roof vent should open. In addition, I was unable to close the windows with the remote.

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