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EcoBoost Twin Scroll Turbos – How Do They Work?


Ford has put a lot of careful thought into choosing a specific type of turbo system for their EcoBoost engines, and for good reason. Single scroll turbos are a more common approach when creating a turbocharged engine, but Ford’s engineers sought a different approach for the newest engines in the Mustang and F-150. The EcoBoost Twin Scroll Turbos.

While single scroll turbos are compact and durable, they have a few limitations. First being, there is only one exhaust gas inlet to the hot side of the turbine, which in turn powers the cold side (and sends more oxygen rich air into the combustion chamber from the intake side). This is more of a design limit, as the single systems are less efficient at low speeds or high power loads. Less efficiency on an over worked turbo is a great way to get turbo lag.

No one wants turbo lag, so Ford has decided to go with the twin-scroll setup on the new EcoBoost engines. This system pairs cylinders to one side of the turbine inlet and allows kinetic energy from the exhaust to be recovered by the turbine in a better way. Twin-scroll turbos also have a better distribution of pressure, which in turn creates a more efficient delivery of exhaust to the turbine. This leads to more air change in each cylinder. In non-scientist terms it goes like this: More air = more power. More power = good. Add this combo with a higher ignition delay to help make temperatures in the cylinders cooler, and you get a better air to fuel ratio, increased turbine efficiency, and improved MPG’s. Not only are these EcoBoost engines fuel-efficient, they’re hidden performance machines!

EcoBoost Twin Scroll

EcoBoost for Dummies

When most people think turbos they usually have get the idea of quickly accessible power; this is very true in the EcoBoost engines. Now, don’t for a second think they’ll be just like the turbos of the 1980s, where you put your foot down and wait 5 seconds for engine power thanks to “turbo lag”, even though this makes busy intersections really, really fun (or dangerous, probably a much better description). These new turbo Ecoboost engines are completely different, as they are designed to deliver power and torque consistently, no lag.

How do they do it you ask? These new engines combine direct injection with the twin scroll turbo technology mentioned above. Fuel is injected directly into each cylinder in small amounts, and the turbine is linked to a compressor that adds pressure to the incoming air and as a result increases output per liter of the engine. Performance and fuel economy don’t have to suffer. In fact it increases fuel economy by 20 percent, and puts out 15 percent lower CO2 emissions.

EcoBoost Twin Scroll

Did you know that for 2015, Ford decided to unveil a new 2.3-liter turbocharged engine for the completely redesigned Mustang? You’ve probably heard of it called a different name: EcoBoost. This new EcoBoost engine found in the Mustang produces 310 horsepower and 320 ft-lbs of torque. The old 4.6-liter V8 engine in the 2010 Mustang made 315 horsepower. 0-60 of the 2010 V8 was 5 seconds, the new EcoBoost does it in 5.2 seconds. This new twin scroll technology works the same way as mentioned previously, and each of the scrolls goes into two of the four cylinders in the 2.3L.  So Ford’s turbocharged four-cylinder has caught up with the performance ratings of a V8. Dylan was right, the times they are a changin’…

Not only is the EcoBoost technology being used for a muscle car, its also being used in the all-new 2015 Ford F-150. The EcoBoost has proven itself to be tough and dependable in the previous generation of the F-150. For 2015, this turbo tech is offered in two engines. The first is the all new 2.7-liter, a 325 horsepower, 375 ft-lbs of torque, hulk that is ready to haul a max payload of 2,250 lbs, and tow with a max towing rating of 8,500 lbs. The second is the 3.5-liter from the previous generation. With over 400,000 EcoBoost trucks on the road, this engine was so popular in the old truck that Ford made a few improvements and included it in the new model. These adjustments helped the 3.5L EcoBoost to have a best-in-class 12,200lb tow rating.

The EcoBoost tech is not only for new trucks and sports cars, Ford has expanded it to most of its models! Not only do these engines provide better fuel economy, they prove how Ford is innovating the industry through bold moves like this. It was unheard of to put a turbocharged 6-cylinder in a truck just a few years ago, but now after Ford proved it can be done, all of the competition seems to be copying it! This turbocharged technology is taking the industry by storm; it’s only a matter of time before other industries start catching on. So NASA, when can we expect an EcoBoost space shuttle?

EcoBoost Twin Scroll 2.7L F-150

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  • Thank you Ford for making me proud to say I am a devoted Ford fan. Not only am I a fan, I am a stock holder. I like to put my money where my mouth is!! When every one was bailing out of investing in the car industry I was investing my hard earned money into Ford. My family rides and takes vacations in comfort and safety in a 12 passenger E-350. I cheerfully commute to work in an efficient Fiesta SE sometimes posting better then stated MPG. I obtain between 40-42 MPG in a non hybrid car. This definitely helps with the budget of raising four young children.
    Thanks again your friend,

  • I do believe the newer direct injection twin scroll dual turbo engines are the best of both worlds ,with good mileage and plenty of horsepower and torque ,no wonder you see so many fusions on the road ,actually looking into modding a ford fusion ,but with a flat crank v-8 and two twin scrool turbos ,ought to be good for about 688 hp and 600 ft lbs of torque.

  • I have had 3 Taurus SHO sedans and the 3.5 twin turbo with Top Tier gas is outstanding . I got 26 mpg on a trip to Maine on adaptive cruise at 68 mph. Just got a Flex Limited with the 3.5 Twin Turbo and it brings back the old days with my 427 Chevy wagon in 68. A lot of jaws drop when grandpa in a wagon smoked them from a light.

  • This is all great news aluminum frame for the F150 wow I did not see that one coming either, Ford is an innovator and never a follower but a motor company that sets standards for others to follow or get left behind.

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