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Overlooked Vehicle Maintenance

Top 10 Overlooked Vehicle Maintenance Issues

Vehicle life and safety.  These are the top two reasons you should always keep an eye on maintaining your vehicle up to the highest standards.  The following maintenance points are the top 10 overlooked vehicle maintenance issues we found...

Ford inflatable seat belts

Ford Inflatable Seat Belts

Ford has introduced an array of safety technology in the past few years including hands free SYNC, blind spot monitoring (B.L.I.S.), Rear View Camera, Collision Warning, and Lane-Keeping technology.  One feature on the forefront of this...

toms ford routine maintenance service oil change go further

Routine Maintenance: Why and When?

The term “routine maintenance” might make you cringe over the thought of spending more money on your vehicle, but we’re here to show you how routine maintenance will help you go further. Many people strive to keep their car in...