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2015 F-150 BoxLink at Tom's Ford Keyport, NJ

How to Use the New F-150 BoxLink System

The all-new 2015 Ford F-150 has great innovations that completely threw a curve ball into the otherwise repetitive pickup truck industry. Between the new powerful EcoBoost engines, and lightweight aluminum body, many of the F-150’s new...

ford country squire

Throwback: The Ford Country Squire

Welcome back to our Throwback series! Today’s Throwback: The Ford Country Squire. Ford had been making station wagons under the Country Squire nameplate since 1950, usually as a top of the line trim to its full size car. The 1979-1991 models...

2014 Transit Connect

2015 Ford Award Winners: Best Retained Value has recently announced the recipients of its Best Retained Value Award for 2015. We’re happy to announce that the 2015 Transit Connect and 2015 F-350 Super Duty have won for best Small Commercial Van, and Best Heavy Duty Truck...

Jurassic Explorer

Famous Fords in Movies

We here at Ford Addict love a good movie.  Who doesn’t?   You know what makes a good movie?  Seeing our favorite automotive brand co-star!  Some Fords are truly memorable throughout cinema history, so we decided to make a list of our...

2016 GT Le Mans

2016 Ford GT at Le Mans

The GT, Ford’s historical icon, is back for 2016!  Once again it has a mission, the 2016 GT is aiming to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Why is racing the 2016 Ford GT at Le Mans significant? Here’s why!

Tom's Ford 2016 Ford Explorer

2016 Ford Explorer

Ever since its introduction in 1990, the Ford Explorer has been an adventurous, rugged family vehicle that made its way into our hearts as well as into our garages.  The 2016 Ford Explorer continues this tradition thanks to its continuous...

2015 Edge

Road Test: 2015 Ford Edge

The Ford Edge has always been a great combination of unique flair in a very practical package. While many crossovers are growing constantly and missing the point, the 2015 Edge has kept its, well for lack of a better word, edge over the...


Ford Playlist: Summer Jams

Summer is getting closer, and that means it’s time for some summer jams to listen too while you’re cruising around!  We here at Ford Addict decided to help out a bit and come up with some songs to add to your playlist that are about...

2015 F-150

Unique Materials in the 2015 Ford F-150

Materials are something that are prevalent in our lives everyday. Opening a door or being in a room seem like simple tasks, but the experiences of using certain materials is what makes it a truly unique thing. Whether it’s the feel of an...