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Best Ford Advertisements

Best Ford Advertisements

While every ad aspires to be like something created from the mind of Don Draper from Mad Men, most ads can be easily forgotten and somewhat boring. Some ads are just plain sad, like those puppy ones with the song “Angel” playing in the background. But, there are some ads that can distract us from watching our favorite shows for a brief amount of time, and actually enjoy it! New TV ads evolved from ads in magazines, which also were meant to catch your eye while flipping through pages. We’ve decided to look into advertisements by our favorite vehicle brand over the years. Here’s our list of the best Ford advertisements ever made!

The Ford Model T

Best Ford Advertisements

Lets start off with one of the first Ford ads ever. This ad was for the Model T. Early ads described the high quality of the car, and showed how its lower price made it the better alternative to other cars. This ad was made toward the middle of Model T production, and it shows the different models of the T that were available. This car definitely was a success judging by the various models that the Model T spawned. And the innovative ways of manufacturing one too.

2005 Ford Escape Hybrid

This ad uses the help of everyone’s favorite Muppet character, Kermit the Frog. This ad is important as it shows Ford’s first Hybrid being offered into the SUV segment not being radically different from the normal Escape. The phrase “not easy being green” is proven wrong when Kermit see’s the Escape. A perfect way to introduce an all-new technology in a familiar car, with a familiar character.

2005 Ford SportKa

Yes, we know the Ford Ka isn’t sold in the US. But the advertisements for this cute little subcompact caused a lot of controversy when they were released. Many activists believed they were promoting animal cruelty, even though the commercials were made with CGI. Now we here at Ford Addict are not by any means promoting this image either. But if Ford ever releases an option that could do that, then maybe we won’t have the problem of getting bird droppings on our cars anymore.

2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid

When the new Fusion was launched in 2013, it caused a splash in the tranquil pond that was the midsize sedan market. This super bowl ad featuring James Franco and Rob Riggle is the advertising equivalent of this splash as it is over the top and simply just funny.

2014 Ford C-Max

This ad is significant in the sense that it is a shot-for-shot remake of a Cadillac hybrid commercial, but with less “I’m rich” symbolism… a lot less. Instead Ford is trying to show how this car isn’t dominated by being a status symbol, but rather just by being a good car that is built for people who care about more than just money. Actually, maybe they will care about the money saved by owning a Hybrid.

2011 Ford F-150

Hey you. Yeah you. You like tough talking guys telling you about powerful engines and dropping some engineering knowledge bombs on you? Boom. This F-150 ad is the perfect way to show off how to sell a tough truck to tough guys. Or just be really entertaining between sports games.

Also bonus points if you read all of that in the voice like the actual ad. It gets stuck in your head doesn’t it?

2013 Ford Mustang

We’ve all been there. Just walking along when someone drives by in a Mustang. Engine rumbling as it goes past. Then you start daydreaming about all the great stuff you would do to it if that were your car. Maybe some Boss 302 stripes, Brembo brakes, upgraded Shaker soundsystem… and then you spend the next hour on the Mustang configurator on Ford’s website. Hey, we can dream can’t we?

1977 Ford Granada vs. Mercedes 450 SLC

Best Ford Advertisements

This ad was a very bold comparison for the 1970s automobile advertising industry. Going against a car people aspired to own and showing how you can get the same features in a car you can afford. It’s an interesting look into how cars were equipped back then. Today no one really thinks twice about how new Fords and Mercedes have features like rear view camera systems in common. Goes to show that the times have changed for the better.

 2005 Ford Mustang

Mustang commercials are always cool, but this one has an extra dose of it that makes it worth so much more in cool points. The ad team behind this created a mix of Field of Dreams and Bullitt through the clever use of CGI and clips from the actual chase scene. Mix that with awesome tire smoking Mustang power and I think we have a winning ad here.

2007 Shelby GT500

This is a commercial that truly stands out to us at Ford Addict. It doesn’t try to be anything it isn’t, it stays true to the form of showing off an American muscle car. The second that crate is lifted off the Shelby creates a sense of awe, and the fact the workers are surprised he didn’t buy a German car is proof of classic American individuality. And it also helps that it passes by a Porsche Carrera GT too. Just listen to that supercharger whine and you’ll wish you could bring your new Shelby over there and max it out on the autobahn.


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