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Author - Zachary Barrett

MyFord Touch Master Reset

myford touch master reset

Quick guide on how to perform a MyFord Touch Master Reset


If you are experiencing problems with your SYNC and MyFord Touch system, you may perform a master reset yourself to solve many issues. This reset erases all saved data in your MyFord Touch system such as saved radio stations, call history, text messages, and previously paired phones and restores it to factory settings.

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Ford Sync Voice Commands

Ford Sync Voice Commands List Features


Now that your phone is paired with your Ford Sync or MyFord Touch (How to Pair an Android Phone, How to Pair and Iphone), we’d like to show you the basics, and some advanced features with the Ford Sync Voice Commands. Ford Sync is much like a universal remote control. Not only does Sync allow you to control almost every aspect of your phone, it also allows you to control your entertainment, climate, information, and navigation. Before we jump into each category, we must learn the very basics of how to active voice commands. Locate the Voice Command button on your steering wheel.

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What is Credit? A Quick Guide to Reports and Scores

what is credit reports and scores

What is credit? Almost all of your big purchases in life, whether it’s a house, car, student loans, or a computer, will depend upon your credit. A three-digit number – your credit score – will determine whether you will be able to make these purchases and for how much. Many people believe that if you pay your bills on time you will have a good score. While this is one of the driving factors of having a good score, there is much more that accounts for the overall value. In this article we will put together a quick guide on how credit reports work, what determines your score, and how you can go about improving that three digit number.

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Vehicles Ford Should Bring Back: Part 1 – Trucks

ford bring back vehicle truck car back from the dead model

Vehicles Ford Should Bring Back: Part 1 – Trucks

Ford is one of the leading company’s on the edge of innovation and technology, not just in the automotive industry, but globally in a world where keeping up with the rapid changing advances in our lives is vital. The 2014 Ford line up is one of the most  cutting-edge, stylish line up that the automotive industry has seen to date. With the substantial improvement in MyFord Touch and Ford Sync, Ford is revolutionizing what is available to you while you’re on the road. Great gas-mileage across the board, combined with stylish new looks and Ecoboost engines, creates a line up with a little something for everyone. That being said, there are a few iconic, niche models that we demand Ford to reinstate for the sake of keeping their historic identity. In part 1, we bring you 3 truck models we believe Ford should bring back from the dead!

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Routine Maintenance: Why and When?

toms ford routine maintenance service oil change go further

The term “routine maintenance” might make you cringe over the thought of spending more money on your vehicle, but we’re here to show you how routine maintenance will help you go further. Many people strive to keep their car in shape when they first purchase it, but in most cases,  the importance of it loses validity after a couple of months. With proper care, your vehicles life span can increase by thousands of miles. Spending a couple bucks every few months will pay off  in the long run when it’s the difference between changing fluids or replacing your whole transmission. In this article, we want to highlight the pros of routine maintenance and provide a simple, easy-to-follow guideline of when to perform these maintenance items.

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Ford Sustainability – Environmentally Friendly for Earth Day

Ford's tribute to Earth Day

With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd, Tom’s Ford would like to show you what Ford is proactively doing to preserve our environment. Ford’s environmentally friendly program dubbed Ford Sustainability, recently celebrated a ten year anniversary of their Core Recovery Program. The aggressive recycling campaign was put in place to prevent excessive waste from entering landfills. The initiative is in charge of collecting, refurbishing, and reprocessing parts from vehicles that Ford dealers have collected nationally over time. Ford, like other competitors,  has recycled and reused various auto parts, including most of the steel used in a vehicle for decades. The Core Recovery Program launched in 2003 aimed to be a more aggressive and sophisticated recycling initiative than those used in the past.

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ExhaustNote Ep. 1: Ford Focus ST Test Drive

Here are the results of our Ford Focus ST Test Drive for our new video series, ExhaustNote.  This week at Tom’s Ford marks the debut of this automotive music video series.  ExhaustNote features Ford’s most exciting new cars in our new innovative video format. Instead of making a video about car specs and reading off a script, we give you what you want. Pavement, speed, and music. To kick off our series we test drove the Ford Focus ST, the long-awaited hot hatch.

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Spotify Joins the Ford AppLink Party

Earlier this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Ford announced that the popular music app Spotify will be the next addition to their Sync AppLink feature. Sync AppLink allows Ford owners to access popular mobile apps using hands-free voice-recognition, creating a safe and convenient experience.   Spotify will be making its AppLink debut within the next couple of weeks and boasts all the features of the mobile app. Using only their voice, Ford owners will be able to control all the obvious music commands such as playing and pausing music, turning the “shuffle” feature on and off, or choosing between different playlists. Other, more interesting features include the Sync’s ability to determine similar music you might like depending on what you’re listening to. Spotify’s social media features from the mobile app will also be integrated into the AppLink app as well. Friends can send songs, playlists, albums, and artists to the driver’s inbox, and Ford Sync AppLink will alert the driver, and ask if they would like to play the included songs. This is the first time Spotify has worked directly with an automotive manufacturer.

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