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Author - Zachary Barrett

2015 F-150 Revealed: Atlas Fans Rejoice

2015 f-150

The 2015 Ford F-150 is the next big installment for Ford following on the heels of the 2015 Mustang.  Ford has done an incredible job at keeping their new truck a secret, but now the secret is out and there is plenty to talk about.  Atlas concept fans will be pleased as well, the final version of the 2015 holds very true to concept images we saw last year.  Just like the Mustang, the 2015 F-150 gets a whole list of new features including a new look, new engine options, and a couple of segment firsts.  The Ford F-150 is America’s most iconic truck, and its best selling as well.  With this in mind, Ford revamped this boxed-framed beast to be a smarter and sleeker vehicle with even more features and perks to make your life easier and even more comfortable.

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Top 10 Driving Apps for your Smartphone

Top 10 Best Apps for Driving

Top 10 Best Driving Apps for Your Car

We already know that Smartphone integration with the current generation of vehicles is at an all time high, so naturally we want to show you how to take it to the next level.  Is there an app for that?  Yes, actually, there’s dozens.  From navigation apps to gas savers, there are plenty options to help you save time and money while driving.

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Winter Driving Basics

How to Winter Driving

Winter driving conditions are the bane of anyone that lives in the northeast, the Snowbelt or any mountainous region in North America.  Driving a vehicle in snow and ice safely is a difficult skill to master, and the most dangerous part of winter driving is the fact that the driver next to you may be driving unsafely.  We’ve covered the art of preparing a modern vehicle for winter conditions, but now it is time to explain how to use your fresh, winter-tire-equipped vehicle in the conditions it is fully prepared for.  By the time the snow starts to fall, you’ll want to call Santa up and tell him to take a year off, you got this one.

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2015 Mustang Revealed

2015 Ford Mustang

Ford’s catchy jingle in their recent commercials “you got me looking for the next best thing” is right in tune with society today, reflecting our attitudes on new and trendy products coming out everyday.  Then there is the Ford Mustang.  Released April 17, 1964, the Mustang has been a cornerstone of performance vehicles and American muscle for 50 years now and still continues to grow.  To celebrate this 50 year mark, Ford is releasing the all new 2015 Mustang with a plethora of new options and engines on the way. Early this week Car and Driver leaked all the details Ford doesn’t want you to know about the 2015, here is everything you need to know.

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Self-Driving Cars: The Future of Automobiles

Self Driving Driver Less Car

When it comes to automotive technology, the future is now.  Self-Driving cars are no longer just a concept, many companies are implementing many self-driving features into their vehicles today.  When a complete and fully functional self-driving car hits the market, it will not so much be released with a bang, but rather introduced as the next installment of features we are already seeing today.  There are a handful of vehicles right now available with technology such as adaptive cruise control that will adjust to surrounding traffic speed, collision prevention systems that can bring a vehicle to a stop to avoid an accident, and active lane keeping that will actually steer the car without the help or a driver on straight lines and highway curves, to name a few.

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How to Determine Vehicle Equity

How to Determine Vehicle Equity

How to Determine Vehicle Equity

If your thinking about trading in or selling your vehicle, then vehicle equity is something you should know about. Having equity in your vehicle means it is worth more than you owe on it. It is easy to determine equity on your vehicle if you have already paid it off. The value of the vehicle is then considered the amount of equity you have. If you’re still paying your vehicle off, then it could be a little tricky.

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Ford Certified Pre Owned Program

Ford Certified Pre-Owned Program Used Car Trucks

If you’re a first time car buyer, or someone just looking for a good deal, a pre-owned vehicle is a smart investment. Used cars are more reliable today than ever before. You can get a great bargain for a vehicle that’s only a year old with a couple thousand miles because that vehicles value has already depreciated about 20-30%. The great thing is, just because the value has depreciated, doesn’t mean the vehicle won’t last you another 10 years. Mileage, safety, and whether or not the vehicle is still under warranty could all be factors in the decision being made to buy a certain vehicle. This is where the Ford Certified Pre Owned Program makes it easy.

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Ford EcoBoost Engines

ford ecoboost engine

What is a Ford EcoBoost engine? You might be considering buying a Ford model with an EcoBoost engine, or you might already own a vehicle with this technology and you’re trying to find out exactly what that means. Ford’s EcoBoost engines are a family of turbocharged, direct injected petrol engines; Ford’s answer to getting better gas mileage alongside increased performance. EcoBoost improves fuel economy by as much as 20% plus one huge perk: it costs much less than hybrid and diesel alternatives.

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Lease or Buy: What Fits For You When Buying a New Vehicle

Lease or Buy

When it comes time to shop for a new vehicle, you are presented with what seems like an infinite amount of options ranging from which brand, model, color, package, and dealership you should buy from. One of the most important decisions you will be faced with is, should I lease or buy this vehicle? There are plenty of perks for both options, but first you must look at this decision as a lifestyle choice. If you enjoy having the latest model car in your driveway, or like the safety and upgraded fuel efficiency of new vehicles every few years, then leasing is a better fit for you. If you are not comfortable with not owning your vehicle, or tend to put on more mileage than the average driver, financing your vehicle through an auto loan will benefit you more.

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