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Car Insurance Mythbusting: Race Red Realities

Car Insurance Myths


You’ve finally fulfilled your lifelong dream of getting a brand new red sports car. Congratulations! Your driveway is now your showroom where you are showered with compliments from the neighbors. “Nice car!” and “Is it fast?” are two things you’ll hear a lot. But you might hear a few people say “a red car, that’ll cost more to insure.” or “a bright car will get you more tickets.” Are these people right? We’ve done a little research to find out and we think they might just be jealous.

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Throwback: The 1993-1995 F-150 SVT Lightning


Welcome to the newest addition to the Ford Addict Blog.  A segment we’d like to call Throwback Fords, where we talk about Ford vehicles of the past that have helped shape the lineup today. This little trip down memory lane will provide a cool history lesson of our favorite vehicle brand, as well as its vehicles through Lincoln, Mercury, Edsel, and even Merkur!

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Small Soldiers: Ford Fiesta 1.0L vs. Mini Cooper Hardtop

Fiesta 1.0L vs. Mini Cooper

The Ford Fiesta 1.0L and Mini Cooper are two amazingly fun to drive hatchbacks in the subcompact class. Both have been redesigned for the 2014 model year, with the Mini gaining an update to its familiar looks, and the Fiesta gaining new technologies as well as a handsome new front end. Both Ford and Mini have also announced their first Three-Cylinder Engines, making their debuts in the Fiesta and Cooper Hatchback respectively. This is a big deal considering that compact and lower segments have held an industry standard of Four-Cylinder engines. Ford is continuing the new tradition of making EcoBoost powered engines that perform better than their competitor’s engines with more cylinders. While these cars provide a completely different image and perception in the marketplace, when you compare them you will realize that this is not entirely the case.

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Ford Tech For Dummies

Ford Tech for Dummies

Car Features You’ve Heard Of, But Have No Idea What They Do…

New cars keep getting more and more advanced with every model year. Power options used to be unheard of years ago, but now these features that were only available on high end cars in the 60s are now features on base model compact cars! So we all have become accustom to hearing these features now, but what about things like SYNC, and Cross Traffic Alert? What about Adaptive Steering? How about Torque Vectoring Control? Have we lost you yet? Ok… let’s explain what all this new Ford tech is.

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Pony Up: The 2015 Mustang Specs Are Out

2015 Mustang

Mustang fans have been patiently waiting since the new 2015 Mustang was unveiled back in December for the specs of the new pony to be released. Well fellow Ford Addicts and Mustang Enthusiasts, that glorious day has come. In a current press release from Ford, the new Mustang’s trim levels, engine options, and weight have been officially announced.

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2015 Ford Transit: The Bigger, Better, Turbocharged Toolbox

2015 Ford Transit

Vans have been a staple of utility vehicles for decades. Their no-frill, all business attitude has helped them be more successful as a work truck than most pickup trucks! One work van has been leading the best seller category for over 34 years, the legendary, Labrador-retriever-companion-like van, the Ford E-Series. However, all good things must come to an end; Ford has announced the retirement of the faithful E-Series. We never thought we would see this day. Pigs should be flying or H-E-double hockey sticks should be freezing over! But fear not van enthusiasts; Ford has the apocalypse-stalling replacement ready to go!

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2014 Ford Focus ST vs. The Used Competition

Focus ST vs Used Competition

2014 Ford Focus ST vs the Used Competition.

So you’re in the market for a car. But not just any car, you want a practical performance car. Well we here at FordAddict  have the perfect option; the 2014 Focus ST. A 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder Turbo with a 6-Speed Manual, Room for 5, and in a practical hatchback body style too! Need we go any further? Well we will. The Ford Focus ST provides an amazing performance bargain with a base price of a little over $23,000. For an ST3 packaged car, the MSRP is $27,750. For this you get features such as Heated Leather Recaro Seats, HID headlights, Ford SYNC, MyFord Touch with navigation, Sirius XM, and Dual Zone Climate Controls. Features like these were only available on higher end vehicles costing upwards of $50k only just a few years ago!

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