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Apple CarPlay… What Is It? A Brief Intro to Car Connectivity

Apple CarPlay is fairly new to the auto industry, and as it gains popularity more buyers are wondering… what is it? Read below to find out! 

Technology is a constantly evolving phenomenon in modern times. As each second goes by, it seems as though some new thing has been created to make our lives easier, improving upon or replacing an outdated and complex way of doing things. There are some advances that make you go “wow, how did I ever live without that”. Technology today provides constant advancement into the future, and in some cases just really cool new ways of playing music through your car. This article is about the latter.

When it comes to new automobile technology I constantly am amazed with the features some cars are coming with today. Heated AND Cooled seats? Self-parking capabilities? The ability to have my phone pair up with the radio and play my music without the annoying cords getting in the way? Sign me up.

As I type this, I sit thinking about my trusty cassette player in my car stereo, a fossil of a different time in audio systems. It works, but it was obviously designed prior to the conception of a mobile phone, let alone any Apple iPhone/iPod product. I put in my cassette adapter, with its seemingly endless and always tangled cord plugged into my phone. While I do get the desired result, playing my music through my stereo, it just creates a mess of wires, and lack of storage space (Bench seats, tiny cupholders, and iPhone 6’s don’t mix well) that make me want to keep my phone in my pocket and have it synced up with my radio.

I’ve used Ford’s Sync 3 system and love its easy to use interface. I can walk into a vehicle and the car remembers my phone and allows me to use it on the go. Apple CarPlay is another system many automakers have been using in their vehicles, helping to expand the easy-to-use Apple systems within our modern complex cars. Currently, Apple says about 100 vehicles are available with the system, including Ford’s.


As a Mustang enthusiast, I’m happy to see CarPlay paired with a good ol’ 6-Speed Manual!

Apple CarPlay is not an iOS operated system, but rather just an infotainment system that provides an interface similar to one on an iPhone. Once connected, you can select and control apps through the car’s interface or through your voice, like using Apple’s “Siri” feature.

The overall goal for the system is to provide most of the functionality of your iPhone, without taking your eyes off the road to use it.

Right off the bat you’ll be able to send and receive messages, use navigation features, take calls and play music! Third party apps are also available, such as Pandora, Spotify, and iHeart Radio.

Seeing as how iPhones are incredibly popular, CarPlay will definitely be a must have feature in newer vehicles. As for me, I’ll be on the lookout for ways to have it replace my fossil… the cassette adapter.


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