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2015 Ford Edge Debut

2015 Ford Edge


Ford has yet to disappoint with any of their new 2015 model announcements this year and the 2015 Ford Edge keeps that trend going.  Unlike the last Edge refresh, the 2015 model has been completely redesigned with an all new more aggressive body style (think SUV version of a fastback), and a new emphasis on the latest technology Ford has to offer.  In Forbes write up of the new besting selling CUV in its class they write “Cars like the 2015 Ford Edge will make it harder for some to justify shelling out big bucks on luxury vehicles.”  They couldn’t be closer to the mark.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new body style.  We won’t try and describe this new look with cheap words but instead let these first look photos do the talking.  One cool thing about the redesign is standard LED headlights across all models.   On the Sport model customers will see darkened headlamp bezels, extra chrome, and black finished 21″ wheels.  What you might not notice without a side-by-side comparison is that the newer Edge is bigger.  The overall length of the Edge has increased 3.9 inches, height by 1.6 inches, interior room by 5.5 cubic feet, but the width has decreased by 0.1 inches – don’t worry, you’ll still be able to park this baby.  Passengers will be satisfied with the already roomy space seeing an increase of 5%, and owners who need to transport cargo will see a whopping 22% space increase with the rear seats down.  Despite the increase in overall vehicle size, Ford has improved handling and road comfort by taking the body and putting it on the same platform as the smooth driving Fusion and dropping the overall weight by 50 pounds by using more ultra-high-strength-steel.

2015 Ford Edge Rear

One of the perks that makes this 2015 Ford Edge  luxury-like is the decreased cabin noise canceled out by extra insulation and a thicker, laminated windshield with options of noise canceling technology on higher trims.  New, higher quality materials will make their debut on the dash where Ford has redesigned the entire paneling and structure to be more fitting and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Now take the 2014 Edge, jam pack it with every tech feature Ford offers, make them smarter and easier to use, then add an array of new, straight-off-the-line technology packages.  Newborn tech includes steering-wheel mounting Adaptive Steering, Enhanced Park Assist which will let you pull up perpendicular to a parking spot, get out of your vehicle, and let your Edge park itself – a front facing 180 degree camera to let you see “sidewalk-to-sidewalk” when pulling out of a street with an obstructed view, and side parking sensors.  Other luxury features include a heated steering wheel and cooled seats just to touch on the truly wide array of amenities.

2015 Ford Edge Interior Dash

Take a dartboard with every 2015 Edge trim on it and throw a dart at it.  Guess what?  That trim has an Ecoboost.  The 2015 will be first Ford model with standard Ecoboost engines across the board.  The all new 2.0L engine will get a twin-scroll turbocharger to lower the torque curve, a more precise direct-injection system, an integrated exhausted manifold, an aluminium balance-shaft assembly, and a lighter block with lighter pistons.  This enables the 2.0L engine to move to the AWD realm and tow up to 3500 pounds.  Output ratings have yet to be released by Ford but expect some high numbers for a 4 cylinder.  The next step up in choice is the tried-and-true 3.5L V6 which will have the same output of 285 hp and 253 lb-ft torque as before.  The top of performance mountain for the Edge will be the all new twin-turbo “Nano” 2.7L Ecoboost V6  –  Ford is bashful about spilling the beans but says it will produce more than 300 hp.  Expect a rise in fuel economy with Ford’s Start/Stop Assist actively powering your motor on and off each time your vehicle comes to a halt.

Expect to see the 2015 Ford Edge hitting dealer lots early 2015.  With the new design Ford has increased the demand of this CUV globally.  Production and sales cross-nation should ramp up creating a steady supply for loyal North American owners as well.  Don’t expect a huge price difference, all this could be yours for just around the price of the current 2014 model!

Here are some first look shots from Car and Driver


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